History of the Tree

Japanese Fruticosa

It is believed that these trees were brought from China to Japan at least 2000 years ago (as religious souvenirs). Works of fiction in Japanese included this passage, "A tree that is left growing in its natural state is a crude thing. It is only when it is kept close to human beings who fashion it with loving care that its shape and style acquire the ability to move one."

The first graphic portrayals of these in Japan were not made until about eight hundred years ago. All things Chinese fascinated the Japanese. Finding beauty in severe austerity, Zen monks - with less land forms as a model - developed a single tree in a pot that could represent the universe.

Over the years, slight innovations and improvements have been developed in nurturing the tree primarily in the revered nurseries in Japan, and these have been brought over bit-by-bit to our countries by visiting teachers or returning traveler enthusiasts. Upon their return Japanese teachers would immediately try out a new technique or two in front of students at previously scheduled workshops. The new Japanese techniques could be added to this living art form and be continuously developed.

So the next time you prune a branch, wire it or re-pot your tree, reflect that what you are doing is continuing a thousand plus year tradition.

In your own way by purchasing a replica artificial Japanese Fruticosa tree, you are buying into the story of a universal tree, the karma it brings to your lifestyle and the Feng Shui philosophical system of harmonising with the surrounding environment.